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Inclusive signage for the portable restrooms along the annual Boston Pride Parade route.

Gender is a spectrum

This washroom welcomes all humans

This signage was designed to be inclusive of all gender identities. To flesh out the concept of gender being a spectrum, I decided to work with gradients.



Activists and people that are passionate and educated about fighting for the rights of people marginalised in the intersections of gender identity, sexuality and biological sex. They are well acquainted with the idea that gender is a spectrum and are familiar with associations of certain colours to gender- as seen in their pride flags.

The gradient goes from mostly blue to a touch of pink- for the people (that fall on the side of the spectrum) that lean towards identifying as men and mostly pink to a touch of blue for women. The spectrum of colour from blue to pink and vice versa also represents people that identify as both men and women. In the middle, the neutrality of the colours represent people who are agender.

Thus, I've included people who identify as men, women, both, neither and whose genders are fluid.


The colours I worked with are pink, blue, white and their various hues- the colours of the transgender pride flag and the agender pride flag as well.

The colours were picked because of our near century old associations of gender with the colours, not to push the same stereotypes we're fighting against.

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