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Eyewear as seen on your favourite icons.

The Brand

What we are about

Our niche is that we offer eyewear inspired by every iconic optical piece worn by public figures such as artists, models, musicians, actors and the like. Eyecon is a brand for cinephiles, people that follow fashion, people looking for costumes, film-makers and lovers of pop culture.

Identity Design

The Brief

To come up with a brand with a unique selling point and develop an identity, logotype, colour palette for it with the purpose of incorporating it into collaterals like their business card and letterhead.


The Logo

The logotype communicates the values of the brand- modern, trendy and pop culture influenced. The form of the C and O in the logo resembles the infinite variety of eyewear the brand offers. The colour palette is inspired by Pantone's Colour of the Year- from this year and the last.

The diverse lenses offered by the brand are what the forms on the business card are inspired from.


Business Card Exploration 

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